How to Remove Freckles

Whether they’re small, dark spots or large patches of tan, freckles are common and
can be difficult to get rid of beauty tools. While they’re harmless, many people find them
unsightly. Sun damage and genetics can cause them to appear, but they usually
fade in the winter months and may disappear on their own. If they don’t, there are a
variety of ways to reduce their appearance, including fading them with laser
treatments or prescription skin lighteners.

10 of the Best Methods for Freckles Treatment - Healthwire
A dermatologist can help with freckle removal and prevention strategies. They can
provide tips on sun safety and recommend skincare for a smoother complexion.
Laser treatment is one of the most effective ways to remove freckles beauty devices, but it is not
permanent and new freckles can reappear if you are not careful in the sun.
There are a number of natural home remedies that can help reduce the look of
freckles. Some of the most popular include honey, lemon juice, and aloe vera. These
natural ingredients have bleaching properties and can help lighten the pigmentation
that causes the freckles. Use a mixture of equal parts honey and lemon juice to
apply on your freckles. Leave it for 15 minutes and rinse off with warm water.
Repeat this twice a week to see results.
Yogurt contains lactic acid, which can lighten and fade the color of freckles. Yogurt is
a good choice for all types of skin, but it’s particularly helpful for sensitive skin.
Apple cider vinegar is another natural spot treatment. It contains malic acid, which
can also reduce the appearance of freckles. To use, dip a cotton ball in the liquid and
apply it to your face or other areas with freckles. Leave it on for 20 minutes and
wash your face afterward.

You can also try scrubbing away your freckles with a scrub that has exfoliating
properties. You can find these at most beauty stores. The granules will help to
remove the dead skin cells that are causing the appearance of freckles.
Vitamin C has been proven to be very effective for pigmentation problems like
freckles and sunspots. It works to suppress melanin producing cells and lightens the
pigmentation that causes freckles. You can take vitamin c supplements or use it in a
serum or mask that is specifically formulated for freckles.
Eucalyptus oil has been found to inhibit tyrosinase activity, which is the enzyme that
triggers hyperpigmentation. Dilute a few drops of the oil with a carrier oil such as
sweet almond or jojoba oil and apply it on your freckles twice a day.
Freckles and sunspots can be a sign of cancer, so it’s important to get them checked
regularly by your dermatologist. Depending on your dermatologist’s evaluation, you
may want to consider a more aggressive treatment such as a chemical peel or
lasers. At the Dermatology & Mohs Surgery Institute, we offer a variety of freckle
and age spot removal procedures that can be performed in-office. Contact us for
more information.

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